Isabel Pousset

The Time We Were Not Together (TTWWNT)

The woman I met 25 years ago and fell in love with then has reappeared in my life. 25 years ago, we had a brief relationship. Or not. We differ on this. We do agree that we are in a relationship now. But we both live in a different city. And the woman I found again after 25 years of absence is sometimes travelling for weeks. The time of absence keeps piling up. TTWWNT tries to do what photography is not meant to do: capture absence and lost time, what has not been or what could have been. . In an attempt to catch up time, I register a relationship in all its cheerful absence.


“There is nothing you can do with a happy love story. Things are already in your favour. No need to step back. No need to defend yourself. You just live it.”
Sophie Calle